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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remembering Vladimir Savinkin

Cantor Fitzgerald which was located on the 101st-105th floors of One World Trade Center, lost 658 employees, or about two-thirds of its workforce, in the September 11, 2001 attacks, considerably more than any other company, including the Fire Department of New York.

Of those 658 people, I’d like to tell you what I’ve learned about one. His name was Vladimir Savinkin. Vladaimir came to the United States around 1995 from Odesa, Ukraine at the age of 16 and attended Pace University. “None of his friends knew his real age,” said his father, Valeriy Savinkin. "He was more mature than all his friends, who were actually 19 or 20," he said. "He was very, very responsible and reliable."

Vladimir Savinkin accomplished a lot in his young age. He was only 21 years old and already graduated Pace University, knew how to care, helped many people and never forget about his family and his fiancée. He worked for Cantor Fitzgerald about 6 months. His goal was never stop learning , be optimistic, and do not forget about others.

Vladimir with his fiance', Olga

Olga Lerman, Vladimir's girlfriend of four years, said they met in a Russian chat room on the Internet. "I really liked how he was talking. He was very polite. I liked that in a guy," she said. When they met three weeks later, "It was love in the first place."

Their birthdays are a day apart in May, so they always celebrated together. They had spoken about marriage, she said, and had planned a vacation to Odessa, the city they were from. "He was the leader of our group," she said, the one who most often made the plans for their clique of four young couples.

Vladimir was an accountant with Cantor Fitzgerald, and lived with his parents and sister in Midwood, Brooklyn. He had recently bought a new Acura, impressing his father.

Vladimir with his father, mother and sister

Here’s what others have said about him:

I did not know Vladimir, but my husband used to work with his Dad. My husband was telling me that Vladimir called his father every day during lunch just to see how his day was going. Also, from people who have seen Vladimir around the neighborhood I've heard that he was a very nice guy: always polite, always greeting people with a smile.
My thoughts and prayers are with Vladimir's family always and especially now during this time of remembrance...


You were a true, dedicated friend, full of dreams making them a reality. Your warmth attracted many, and will still attract for many years to come. We will never forget you, rest in peace.
-Max Lukovsky (Brooklyn, NY)

We were friends in college, at one point we were really close friends, but I finished school earlier, and... We never kept in touch, but while we were friends he was a good friend and I will always treasure memories we had together.

Rest in peace, you still alive in my heart
-Sam Chenker (Brooklyn, NY)

You were working in those towers that dark September day
No one knew of those evil plans that were being made.
You lost your life so tragically when those towers collapsed away.
Your family has lost you and now their lives have forever changed.
The world will not forget your very brave and courageous name.
You came to the United States six years ago from the Ukraine.
With your maturity your friends really didn’t know your true age.
You were more responsible and reliable more mature in every phase
You lived with your parents and sister you were loved, totally adored.
You are a true and dedicated son and brother now and forever more.
Your warmth attracted many you were a friend to everyone for sure.
You could light up a room with your smile it was so sincere.
Your mother, father and sister hold your memory and love close and ever near,
Your courage and your strength help them to face their pain and all their tears.
You are never far away you are smiling down from Heaven above,
You are a guardian angel hero protecting the family that you love.

Written By
Diane Huggins
© 2002 11/22

Although I didn’t know Vladimir personally, I know that he was well liked, full of life with strong family bonds. Vladimir, you are truly missed. My heart goes out to his loved ones.

Vladimir Savinkin is an angel who will forever shine in our heart and our soul.

December 31, 2006 -
I just read this tribute,
I am Olga Lerman his fiancée, 5 years past, Miss you Vladik very much…I am so happy that so many people read this tribute.. My love!, I love you so much, it is 31 of December I would like to wish you happy new year! Please know that my love will be forever! I promise till my last days I will remember you, I will help your sister Galochka and your parents, remember our love times, tell about you all people who will know me, you will never be forget THAT IS MY PROMISE . I LOVE YOU BABY!

Re-posted from Sept 11, 2006


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