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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remembering Michael Joseph Zinzi

Michael Joseph Zinzi worked on the 100th floor at One World Trade Center (North Tower). He was a vice president and certified public accountant for Marsh & McLennan, an insurance company.

Mike lost his life on September 11, 2001 during the terrorists attacks. I'd like to take a few moments to tell you about him.

One of Mike's hobbies was motorcycles. He rebuilt a 1956 K-Model Harley-Davidson with his father. He loved riding this bike even though it didn't have any shocks. Then, after having his name on a waiting list for three years, he got the call that a 1999 Heritage Soft-Tail Classic Harley-Davidson was waiting for him. He and his wife, Dyan, enjoyed riding and took lots of road trips together. Dyan eventually got her motorcycle license, too. On one trip through Connecticut they spotted an 883 Sportster Hugger, the mate to Mike's Aztec Orange Heritage. This would be the Christmas gift for Dyan.

Through the years, they rode the winding roads near their home and even to Vermont and Bike Week at Lake George, they also rode in many charity bike runs.
"I wanted to enjoy a couple of years doing that with Mike," Dyan Zinzi said.

Mike and Dyan met at a company they both worked at. When Dyan found out that Mike was leaving the company in two weeks, she immediately asked him out. One week later, she told her mother, "This is the one that I'm going to marry." Five years later, she did just that.

After getting married, Mike had hoped to become a father. In the fall of 2000, Dyan agreed to lay down her helmet. They had a son, Dean Michael, on July 8, 2001. Having Dean was the high point in Mike's life. He gladly took his turn changing diapers, feeding and loving Dean. Fatherhood completed Mike.

The last month of Mike's life was one of his happiest ever. In August, he attended his grandparents 59th wedding anniversary dinner where he got to see his family, including his dad in from Texas. This was just one of the many opportunities Mike took to show off his pride and joy, Dean.

Mike's 37th birthday was September 2. That following week while at home "I told him how happy I was and he told me how happy he was at this point in his life. He said he had everything," Dyan said.

On September 9th, they went riding for the first time since before the baby, a charity run from Parsippany to Newark. "It was just wonderful," Dyan said. "Doing that again. Together."

Two days later, Mike kissed Dyan and Dean goodbye and patted his son's head. "He was looking at the baby and saying, 'He's such a good boy,'" Dyan recalled. "He was so happy. He wanted to be such a good dad, and he was." It was 6:40 am. Dyan remembers hearing the garage door open, then close and she remembers smelling Mike's cologne on Dean's forehead where he kissed him. Then Mike drove off to catch the train.

"A happy wife is a happy life," Mike was fond of saying. Mike made Dyan a happy woman and in return, Mike Zinzi left this world a happy man.
He had a wife that adored him, a beautiful baby boy, a nice home and a career that he worked hard in and enjoyed. He was a wonderful, thoughtful, smart, ambitious man with an easygoing personality and had a smile for anyone he came in contact with.

He will be missed by everyone. Dean now has his own guardian angel watching over him.

Although I never met Mike personally, I could tell that he was a man of strong character and family was very important to him. I wish that I had known Mike, he's the type of guy that you would enjoy being around.

My heart goes out to his family and friends and especially Dyan and Dean.

June 2004 -
Today would have been your 3rd Father's Day.
Dean is doing very well and asks about you. I
tell him that you love him very much. He's
beginning to understand what "past away"
means. Dean is going to be 3 very soon and I
know that you are proud of him. I miss you so
much and I hope that you can see your beautiful
son thrive. I share memories of you with Dean
everyday...i.e, when I see a couple riding their
Harleys, I tell Dean that his Daddy and I did
that, etc. You are and will be in my heart and
thoughts forever.
Miss you, love you,
Dyan Zinzi (NJ )

"He loved his wife and his son. He loved life," said Sue Kievit of Kinnelon, a close friend, along with her husband, Ken.

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